Fair Trade

Supports Lao Products, Supports Lao Farmers



Lao Farmers Products (LFP) has always engaged in trade relationships that are fair and have only recently sought international Fairtrade certification. The philosophy behind our economic activities is that every actor in the trade chain should be rewarded fairly for his input. Recently though, there has been an increase in the demand for Fairtrade-certified products in the developed countries LFP exports to. The tea producers group (GCPSL) hence applied for certification in 2005 and was awarded a European certificate in 2006. Since then, there has been continuous improvement within our structure to keep complying with the Fairtrade legislation.



All LFP's products come from organic agriculture. Part of the solid partnerships established with the farmers has always been to help the producers use environmentally friendly practices and organic systems in order to improve their production. Recently, to counter the increased and proactive publicity made for the so-called benefits of chemical input, LFP have engaged in numerous training activities with all their partner producers so that their production remains chemical-free. Since 2006, the GCPSL is certified organic for European markets.